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Pilea Peperomioides 'Chinese Money' on Wood

Pilea Peperomioides 'Chinese Money' on Wood

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  • Botanical Name: Pilea peperomioides
  • Common Names: Chinese money plant, Friendship plant
  • Description: Each of its lily pad like leaves float on dainty looking stems that will bob around independently in a gentle breeze. Towards the upper part of every single leaf will be a white, or lighter shade of green, dot where the stem meets the leaf and holds it in place.

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Care Instructions

Position: Place your houseplant in an area with bright, indirect light, such as near a window. Avoid direct sunlight, as this can cause the leaves to burn.
Watering: Water your houseplant when the top inch of soil is dry, and avoid over-watering as this can lead to root rot.
Fertilizing: Fertilize your houseplant every 1-2 months with half-strength liquid fertilizer.
Pruning: Prune your houseplant as needed to maintain desired shape and size.
Temperature: Keep your houseplant in an area

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I received my order and the plants were amazing!!!! Lush and beautiful! They shipped very fast and were packaged very carefully! Would definitely recommend!

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