Corporate Gifts & Partnerships


Indoor plants enhance the overall appearance of a space, and they’ve also been shown to boost productivity, increase creativity, improve air quality by absorbing toxins, reduce stress, improve memory, and increase satisfaction in the workplace!! This is why we believe plants are the perfect corporate gift that keeps giving 🌱

We know how important choosing and sending the right gift to partners, business prospects, or employee's is. This is why it matters that you’re sourcing your plant gifts from a company whose supply comes from the US and includes a team of specialists who will take every step to ensure things run smoothly for you and your team to make the best impression.

Plant Swag Shop secures your plant gift inventory and collects your recipient’s address information. You’ll review and approve all customized branding for your gift if customized. Our team will take great care to pack all of your individual plants and ship your order. We’ll send you tracking information and your recipient will receive an unexpected gift unlike all the other boring corporate gifts.

Then you STANDOUT!

Cut flowers are out and sustainable plants are in!