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Pick Your Package

We have a few wonderful options to fit your business needs including pre-potted, in grower nursery pot, employee benefit program, corporate gifting etc.

Pick Your Plants

We have a wonderful variety of indoor plants to choose from including pet-friendly, low light, and easy care. Have a special request? Just ask us and we work with you. Our team of experts are here to help make recommendations based on your giftee, season, or event.

We Pack & Ship

You provide us with a list of your recipients delivery address, we include a custom note on handcrafted cardstock. Your Plant Gift is packed and shiped with love from our greenhouse to their doorstep!

Indoor plants enhance the overall appearance of a space, and they’ve also been shown to boost productivity, increase creativity, improve air quality by absorbing toxins, reducing stress, improving memory, and increasing satisfaction in the workplace/home office!! With this many benfeits, its easy to see why we believe plants are the perfect corporate to help your organization standout.

We know how important choosing and sending the right gift to partners, business prospects, or employee's is. This is why it matters that you’re sourcing your plant gifts from a company whose supply comes from the US and includes a team of specialists who will take every step to ensure things run smoothly for you and your team to make the best impression.

Plant Swag Shop will secure your plant gift inventory and collect your recipient’s address information. You will review and approve all customized branding for your gift (if customized). Our team will take great care to pack all of your individual plants and ship your order with love from our greenhouse to thier doorstep. We’ll send you tracking information and your recipient will receive an unexpected gift unlike all the other boring corporate gifts.

We help you make an impression that lasts!

Cut flowers are out, sustainable plants are in!

The Perfect Corporate Gift

Let's Grow Together

Ana C.

"We are always looking for ways to stay top of mind when it comes to our partners, Plant Swag Shop has been excellent to work with securing orders for some of our top partners like Google and Microsoft. We will continue to use their services as we continue to grow and serve our clients."

Contact us today, so we can learn more about your organization and how we can best serve you!

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