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Love her ❤️❤️

Love it!!

Beautiful plant adds beauty to my collection!

Pink Illusion Syngonium
Sherrie Harris
Replacement plant

My first plant died and you replaced it at no cost. The new plant is beautiful. Thx!

String of Hearts.

Came in healthy and robust. I love them! Thank you!

Spider Plant 'Bonnie'
Patsy Kryszak
Lovely plant

The spider plant is in amazing shape and bigger than expected

Dracaena 'Song of India' Mabry
Gorgeous plant!

Shipping was fast. Packaging was done with care and the plant
is stunning. You won't be disappointed with this choice!

Great duo

I ordered this duo and despite the SOH being out of stock I was sent an email giving me options. One of which was sending me the SOP with the SOP coming right away and the SOH coming when available. I chose that option. My SOP arrived in perfect condition and it had three flowers in bloom on top. A week later the SOH arrived one week later. It’s perfect too. I was not charged any shipping for the second plant. The Plant Swag Shop was very up front, gave me options when one plant wasn’t available. The plants are perfect. I would buy from the Plant Swag Shop again

Peperomia Watermelon
Kristin Rajter

Exactly what I ordered and wanted. Fast shipping, healthy plant and looks great added to my plant family.

Hoya Carnosa 'Tricolor'
Kathryn Kemmerer
Amazing plants/amazing customer service

Don’t miss out on ordering from PSS. I have used them quite a few times now and my plants have arrived in amazing condition. If one ever looks questionable I’m able to immediately chat with them to get their thoughts. On one occasion they saw it looked like one had a little isssue with the leaves and immediately sent me a replacement. ALL of the plants I’ve ordered through them, my collection now stands at 15 are growing beautifully and all healthy. Please give them a shot. If you’re worried about shipping, don’t worry, the way they package all their plants, they will arrive to you in amazing condition. Will never order from anywhere else!


I absolutely love my hoya! It's so stunning! Well packaged and healthy. Definitely plan to order again!

A lovely bunch of spring goodies!

The anthurium andraeanum rainbow champion, guzmania hybrid bromeliad, hoya carnosa tricolor, and tillandsia xerographica air plant fit in so well with my plant family!

Exceeded all expectations

This is my second time ordering a surprise box. The first I received in the fall of 2021 was already amazing, I thought it couldn’t be outdone…..boy was I wrong. I received not one, not two, but THREE full sized plants and the most beautiful air plant. The bonus plant; a Hoya tri-color, came in perfect condition. I actually had ordered one a few months back on its own and had intended on buying another for my bedroom; talk about perfect timing. I also received a guzmania hybrid in the most beautiful hot pink and the anthurium rainbow. There were already two full blooms with a third on the way, and once I was able to fully unwrap her, I saw there were TONS of new little leaves growing at the bottom which tells me this is going to be such a fun one to watch grow with the kids (they have an affinity for plants like their mom). Will definitely be ordering every seasonal box from here on out. It’s really worth the cost and also the surprise of it all. I could tell it was definitely curated with lots of love and so carefully packaged for a successful delivery!

Absolutely Unique

This plant is unique and gives my room a pop with other plants. The only downside is that UPS did roughly manhandled the box that it was in but Plant Swag Shop is making it right and having a new one being sent to me.

Loving my new plant

My new 'Congo Rojo' is gorgeous and fits right in with my plant collection. The leaves are healthy and full of beautiful color.

Philodendron 'Neon'
Karen Boyle

The quality of my neon plant was excellent- foliage was full, green and healthy. Delivery was quick and communication was thorough. Packaging was protective. Love my plant!

Begonia Rex
LeeAnn Alford
This plant is beautuful!

It came in perfect condition. The only thing, I wish it had come with care instructions. I have a plant book so I can look them up. But, for those who don’t have a plant book it would be nice to have the care instructions included with the plant. Other than that it was perfect!

Perfectly wrapped

The plants I received were perfectly wrapped with the utmost care. Each plant was in excellent condition! I’ve never been more pleased!

The Perfect Duo

They are cute lil babies right now. I bought these as a gift for my wife and she loves them! Can’t wait for them to start spilling out of their pots!

Absolutely love

Can’t speak highly enough of this bundle. All four plants were giant and super healthy and beautiful. I wasn’t expecting each plant to be as big as it was. I highly recommend this to anyone who is looking to add a lot of greenery to their house. They arrived super quickly, packaging was impeccable. When I say they arrived in perfect condition it’s not an exaggeration. Definitely would give it a try if you’re curious

What a beauty

Packaged perfectly plant was in great condition.

Awesome Delivery and Plant!!! 🥰🥰

I love how it cames! Its beautiful! I love her so much!!!!

I love it

It came on time and it was still healthy. Packaged nicely

Hoya Carnosa 'Tricolor'
Mary Ann Patino
Love it

I got my plant healthy and I love it.

Hoya Carnosa 'Tricolor'
Evelyn Alarcon
Love love love

Very beautiful. Im so happy 100% recomend