Subscription FAQs

We currently offer 4 subscription types:

  • Traditional
  • Pet Friendly
  • Cactus
  • Succulent

All types fit to all levels of plant parents, our Pet Friendly Subscription ensures your monthly plant is considered non-toxic to cats and dogs.

Every month, subscribers receive one new plant in a 4inch grower pot directly from our greenhouse to your doorstep. 

The plants included in our subscription program are a mix of those available on our website and bonus's for subscribers. We will try our best to provide you with a variety of plants and not repeat the same plant within a 6 month period. 

After the first purchase, subscribers are charged on the same day ever month and shipments go out every month between 10th-15th of the month. 


Place Order- April 21st, Subscription will ship May 10-15th

Place Order- April 6th, Subscription will ship April 10-15th

In some cases shipments may be sent out earlier or later for specific circumstances like weather. 

Subscription boxes can not be delivered to Hawaii or Alaska

Promotions and discounts do not apply to subscription purchases.


How do I pause or cancel my Subscription? 


You can pause or cancel your subscription at anytime by login into your account page on our website. From there you will click on manage subscriptions and pause or cancel within that menu. 


Do you ship plants in the fall or winter?

Yes, we ship year-round. Heat packs are available for purchase Here , but will be included in all subscription boxes during the winter.

Will my succulents freeze when shipped in the winter?

Hardy succulents will ship just fine all winter long. For extra protection, we recommend heat packs.

When you ship plants, are they going to be OK sitting in a box for multiple days?

Yes, absolutely. We ship hundreds of orders weekly from California. We rarely have any complaints about the condition of the plants when they arrive. In fact, we actually get lots of great reviews from customers who are surprised at how great they look upon arrival. 

What happens if the plants break or die in transit?

We will gladly offer replacement if your plants arrive broken/ dead. Please contact us immediately within a week of the plant's arrival. Photos of the damage are required. We'll always try our best to accommodate you :)