Collection: Air Purifying Plants

Houseplants are a wonderful way to purify and clean the air within an enclosed space in our homes. It's great to have a plant do double duty by helping us breathe healthier cleaner air in our homes! According to the EPA, our homes can have three to five times more pollutants than the outdoors. You could be living in a “sick” house and not realize it: Substances like xylene (in paint and lacquers), benzene (furniture wax, insect sprays) trichloroethylene (cleaners, adhesives), and formaldehyde (upholstery, air fresheners)—can produce symptoms like headaches, sore throats, or allergy-like breathing troubles. The NASA Clean Air Study was designed to find effective and simple ways to detox the air in the space station—and it reveals that common house plants have air purifying superpowers. 
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