Holiday Gift Giving Guide For Plant Lovers

Holiday Gift Giving Guide For Plant Lovers

The holidays are a wonderful time to share the love for nature through gifting plants. Unique gifts always stand out and not only will you stand out during the holidays, but you will stand out all year around as the plant continues to grow providing unique liveliness in the space. 

We have curated our Top 5 Plant Gifts for the Holiday Season to help you stand out by choosing eco-friendly gifting options, helping to plant more trees with each plant gift.

Pre-Potted Plants

pre potted plant gift


A plant is a wonderful perfect green gift, but if they have to find a cute pot, repot it and then enjoy it… well they might not want that. Choose a perfectly curated pre-potted plant in a handcrafted planter delivered with care and custom gift note. Why do we love the classic potted pot gift you ask? Well it has some wonderful benefits such as cleaning the air within the home filtering out unwanted toxins. It also can decorate many places in the work space or at home, bringing life to the space!

Air Plants

Air plants are unusual, unique, and very popular right now!  Air plants are plants that grow without soil. This distinctive growth habit means these fun houseplants have some special considerations for decor and gift giving purposes. One of the main reasons air plants make great gifts is because you can keep them wrapped for longer than a usual plant allowing you to easily wait until it's time to open up all those presents. 

Plant Swag

plant lover swah shirt


Plant lovers of course like receiving plants, but what about gifting some unique plant swag they can wear or put in their home year around?! For example, a perfect coffee mug gift or a tshirt to share their love for nature and plants.

Home decor is definitely important for anyone who has house plants, so grab a wall clock that fits the perfectly modern/ boho home. These make unique gifts and share the plant love alike.

Kokedama Moss Ball Hanging Plant


Kokedama is a ball of soil, covered with moss, on which an ornamental plant grows. The idea has its origins in Japan, where it is a combination of the nearai bonsai and kusamono planting styles. We love these as plant gifts, since it’s easy for anyone to hang them within the house and enjoy. It’s also already growing in Kokedama, so there is no need to repot them making them perfect for gifting. Choose from beaded style Kokedama to regular Kokedama

House Plant Subscription

Our poll shows this as one of the top gifts for the holidays, House Plant Subscriptions allow you to choose from monthly, quarterly or yearly subscriptions for your giftees. 

Every month they will receive the plant of the month with care instructions shipped with love. Seriously?... Why just impress that person during the holiday season, when you can send a plant gift every month helping them thrive in a clean air environment and curate a beautiful house plant collection. 

Do they have pets? No problem! Sign up for a Pet-Friendly Box and keep those furry friends safe at home.

We hope this quick holiday gifting guide for the plant lover helps you find the perfect gift to stand out during the holiday season. Gifting that gives... for every plant sold we plant a tree to aid in reforestation. 


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