Automatic Watering System For Indoor Plants

Automatic Watering System For Indoor Plants

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We are all so excited to hit the road, go on a trip, and get out of the house, but then we suddenly remember 'Oh No' our growing plant collection will need care while we are gone.

The worst thing ever is brown, droopy plants when you come home from a long fulfilling vacation! Then you find yourself having to go into rescue mode to get your plants back into the shape they were in before you left. 

No worries... we have you covered with a few wonderful tips to help your plants continue to thrive while you take a little vaca.

Automatic Plant Waters

automatic plant waterer

These will be your best friend and you may even continue to use them even once you return from vacation. Automatic Plant Waterer - Ensures your plants receives water even if your away. This simple device always draws water from a container to keep the soil moist automatically.  


automatic plant waterer


This simple design doesn't require batteries for operation or any thing additional besides a water vessel such as a glass. These work wonderful for your plants that need a little more moisture such as your alocasia's, calatheas, begonias etc.

Smart Plugs

If you use grow lights, humidifiers and fans for your indoor plant care, you can utilize a smart plug to turn these things off and on as you need when out of town. Smart Plugs can also be very beneficial for other items in the home. If you havent yet setup smart plugs for some of your plant accessories its time to save you some time! You wont want to remove them even once you return its such a time saver and task eliminator.



Fully Tend to the Plants Before Departure 

This means removing in brown or decaying leaves, checking them all closely for any pests, deliver a full watering and a leaf cleaning for best photosynthesis while away. Many people tend to close all their windows when our of town so keep in mind your plants will still need that bright light. Find a place where they will get adequate lighting daily and if it isn't through natural light it may be time to invest in some grow lights.

Most of all the important thing is to relax and enjoy your vacation without worrying about all your plant babies at home!

Cheers to Summer Vibes!!

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