Weld.com and Plant Swag Shop Halloween Giveaway


Time to get creative! We have partnered with Weld.com on one of Halloweens best giveaways! Todays top welders with create a custom Halloween plant stand and be entered to win a package from Plant Swag Shop. A perk of being a member is having access to exclusive giveaways throughout the year!

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If you or someone you know can Weld like a pro... This is for them!  Prize package includes:

  • $100 Gift Card Plant Swag Shop 
  • 1 Free Limited Edition Exclusive Fall Foliage Box ($50 Value) 
  • 100 Trees will be planted to aid in the help towards reforestation ($100 Value) 
  • 1 Pre-Potted Plant From Weld.com sponsored by Plant Swag Shop
  • Custom Quote Plant Stake “Stay Calm & Weld On” ($50 Value) 
  • Prize Total Value: $300 

Think of this as an opportunity to make something creative or a gift for someone else! 

To enter:

Fill out the entry form below, watch Mikala’s plant stand weld video on our YouTube channel on Oct 1st, create your plant stand, take a pic or video and tag us on Instagram or YouTube using hashtag #welddotcom and tag @welddotcom and @plantswagshop to share your finished project OR upload a picture of your project here!

Plant Stand Ideas Include: Spiders, Ghosts, Skull, Pumpkin, Goblins, let’s get spooky!

***This contest is open to our Weld.com Members ONLY*** 


Benefits of bringing plants indoors include: 

  1. Air-Purification- Houseplants are a wonderful way to purify and clean the air within an enclosed space in our homes.
  2. Improve Creativity and Ambience: It’s true bringing plants indoors can have the same effect as seeing them in nature, it releases endorphins and balances the mind. 
  3. Home Decor- Plants are a well known gem amongst home decor specialist because they bring the space to life and there are multiple ways to decorate them including pots, stands and macrame. 
  4. Gardening- Growing your own herbs can connect us closer to nature and improve our well being. 



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