Weld.com and Plant Swag Shop Halloween Giveaway

Weld.com and Plant Swag Shop Halloween Giveaway


Time to get creative! We have partnered with Weld.com on one of Halloweens best giveaways! Todays top welders with create a custom Halloween plant stand and be entered to win a package from Plant Swag Shop. A perk of being a member is having access to exclusive giveaways throughout the year!

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If you or someone you know can Weld like a pro... This is for them!  Prize package includes:

  • $100 Gift Card Plant Swag Shop 
  • 1 Free Limited Edition Exclusive Fall Foliage Box ($50 Value) 
  • 100 Trees will be planted to aid in the help towards reforestation ($100 Value) 
  • 1 Pre-Potted Plant From Weld.com sponsored by Plant Swag Shop
  • Custom Quote Plant Stake “Stay Calm & Weld On” ($50 Value) 
  • Prize Total Value: $300 

Think of this as an opportunity to make something creative or a gift for someone else! 

To enter:

Fill out the entry form below, watch Mikala’s plant stand weld video on our YouTube channel on Oct 1st, create your plant stand, take a pic or video and tag us on Instagram or YouTube using hashtag #welddotcom and tag @welddotcom and @plantswagshop to share your finished project OR upload a picture of your project here!

Plant Stand Ideas Include: Spiders, Ghosts, Skull, Pumpkin, Goblins, let’s get spooky!

***This contest is open to our Weld.com Members ONLY*** 


Benefits of bringing plants indoors include: 

  1. Air-Purification- Houseplants are a wonderful way to purify and clean the air within an enclosed space in our homes.
  2. Improve Creativity and Ambience: It’s true bringing plants indoors can have the same effect as seeing them in nature, it releases endorphins and balances the mind. 
  3. Home Decor- Plants are a well known gem amongst home decor specialist because they bring the space to life and there are multiple ways to decorate them including pots, stands and macrame. 
  4. Gardening- Growing your own herbs can connect us closer to nature and improve our well being. 



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