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Fern 'Blue Star'

Fern 'Blue Star'

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Introducing the captivating Blue Star Fern! 🌿✨

  • Botanical Name: Phlebodium aureum
  • Common Name(s): Blue Star

This live beauty features delicate fronds in a stunning shade of blue-green, adding a touch of elegance to any space. With its graceful, feathery foliage, this fern is sure to become the centerpiece of your indoor jungle. Easy to care for and perfect for beginners, the Blue Star Fern thrives in medium to low light conditions and prefers consistently moist soil. Bring home the enchantment of the Blue Star Fern and elevate your plant collection to new heights! 🌱💙

Description: The fronds are large and pinnatifid (deeply lobed), from 30–130 cm long and 10–50 cm broad, with up to 35 pinnae; they vary in color from bright green to glaucous green and have undulate margins.

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We offer a 30-day guarentee. Fulfillment takes approx 2-4 days and shipping 3-5 days from greenhouse to doorstep. Nov-Mar we recommend adding winter plant shipping protection to your order or it will not be covered by our 30-day guarentee.

Care Instructions

Place your houseplant in a bright, indirect light. Like to be in a spot that gets plenty of light but is not in direct sun.
Water when the top inch of soil is dry. Overwatering can be harmful so make sure to check the soil before watering.
Use a high-quality potting soil and make sure it drains well. Need soil that is rich in organic matter and that provides good drainage.
Fertilize your houseplant about once a month with a balanced fertilizer.
Prune occasionally to keep it looking its best.

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