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  • Botanical Name: Epipremnum Aureum
  • Common Names: Devil's Ivy
  • Description: This Air purifying plant is arguably one of the easiest plants to grow indoors. The pothos grows in a vine like fashion making it a great plant to have in a hanging display to fill up any empty space on a shelf or desktop. This particular variety has shorter, more rounded leaves than a typical pothos, and has a tanish white pattern on the edges of its leaves.

Customer Reviews

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Hazel B

I'm so glad I found the Plant Swag Shop. We all know that buying plants online is a hit or miss. I try so many shops and this one is so far the best in term of price and quality. The pictures are the N-joy pothos 6-inch I received right out of the box after more than two week being boxed. Yes you read it right, TWO weeks! One week for shipping and the other week was for my evacuation from Ida Hurricane. I thought my pothos would have been long gone when I came back but it turned out to be a surprise. It's so much fuller and more beautiful than I'd expected. Thank you so much!

Dan Bunker
N'Joy Pothos

Arrived beautifully wrapped and in excellent shape! Will definitely purchase more plants from this company!

Thank you for your feedback, we hope your loving the new Pothos! #keepgrowing

Plant Mom
Over joyed

I received a beautiful and healthy plant. The packaging was excellent and the pot was literally over flowing with cuttings. I ended up diving it into three smaller pots. They are flourishing!