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Tradescantia 'Nanouk'

Tradescantia 'Nanouk'

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Meet the Tradescantia Nanouk: Bursting with Vibrant Colors and Easy Charm!

Brighten up your space with the captivating beauty of the Tradescantia Nanouk. Its striking purple, pink, and green foliage will add a pop of color to any room, creating a cheerful and lively atmosphere.

This charming plant is incredibly versatile, perfect for decorating various corners of your home. Whether you place it in a hanging basket, let it cascade down a shelf, or use it as a centerpiece, the Nanouk's trailing habit will add an eye-catching touch to your décor.

Caring for the Tradescantia Nanouk is a breeze. It thrives in bright, indirect light and prefers slightly moist soil. Simply find a well-lit spot and water when the top inch of soil feels dry. It's a low-maintenance beauty that will bring joy to your plant collection effortlessly.

Ready to add a burst of color to your indoor oasis? Shop the Tradescantia Nanouk today and embrace the natural charm it brings to your space.
Botanical Name: Tradescantia albiflora 'Nanouk'
  • Common Names: Nanouk Tradescantia
  • Description: Tradescantia albiflora ‘Nanouk’ is a low-growing trailing perennial known for its striking purple-green variegation and violet leaf undersides.

Shipping & Returns

We offer a 30-day guarentee. Fulfillment takes approx 2-4 days and shipping 3-5 days from greenhouse to doorstep. Nov-Mar we recommend adding winter plant shipping protection to your order or it will not be covered by our 30-day guarentee.

Care Instructions

Light: Prefers bright, indirect light. It can tolerate some direct sun, but avoid prolonged exposure to direct sunlight.
Water: Water when the top inch of soil feels dry. Reduce the amount of water during the winter months when the plant is dormant.
Soil: A potting mix that drains well is best for this houseplant.
Fertilizer: Feed monthly with a balanced liquid fertilizer during the growing season.
Temperature: Prefers temperatures between 60-75°F (16-24°C).

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