perfect houseplants for the holidays

Perfect Plants for the Holidays

The holidays can be one of the most magical time of the year, spending time with friends & family while decorating and gifting. The season of cheer is pretty amazing... We have put together our Top 5 Holiday Houseplants Plants for you to get to impress your guests! These tabletop centerpieces will pull in the colors of the season and be a true eye catcher for your guests, wondering where you got these beauties. The best part is you don't have to drive to the nursery, find the perfect plant, spill dirt in your car on the way home, then search for the perfect planter to display it... we got you covered with winter delivery, and the perfect planters.


This wonderful easy care houseplant is drought tolerant and boasts and amazing red color under its foliage helping it stand out amongst its other peperomia cultivars. Grab a few 4in plants to place on the dining table during your holiday feast adding pops of color to the table.


The Philodendron Birkin is without a doubt one of our most popular philodendrons, and is a relatively new -- and especially trendy -- philodendron variety that boasts large, dark green leaves liberally streaked in creamy white. Each leaf is different so you can enjoy an ever-changing display throughout the year. The white helps to bring in the holiday season essential snowy colors and is one of our top picks for a reason! Pair this with a modern white planter for the perfect combo,



Red Prayer Plant

This hardy indoor plant earned its common name from the fact that the leaves tend to fold together at night, like a pair of praying hands. Most types of prayer plant have variegated foliage, adding to the plant's overall interest. Prayer plant does produce flowers, but they're not large or particularly showy. This is a good houseplant to grow for its colorful leaves and eye catching foliage. These make wonderful gifts, entryway statement pieces and can fill any space beautifully. 

red prayer house plant shop


Mahogany Fern

The Mahogany fern has such a whimsical flow to its foliage, its stems boast a dark color bringing in the woody vibes. It grows fairly fast and enjoys moist soil always making it great for kitchen or bathroom areas. This house plant can easily be purchased online and delivered to your door or giftee.

mahogany fern


ZZ Plant 

As winter in fully in swing, we have less light, colder nights and this makes for plant care a little more challenging. The ZZ is perfect for any low-light area in the home and with its vertically elegant foliage... it's a houseplant favorite. The ZZ Plant is one of the easiest indoor plants to care for and can bring some life into any space in the home. This is a perfect plant for beginners and since it does not require a lot of light we added this one to the list.

 zz houseplant

Regardless of what plant you order during the holiday season,rest assured we make sure to include heat packs and thermal wraps when shipping to colder regions to keep your new plant baby safe. Every plant order can include a custom gift note for the perfect presentation. If you love to get the whole package, check out the Pre-Potted Collection and level up your centerpiece with our eco-friendly plants.

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