Plants for the Gemini ♊️🌿

Plants for the Gemini ♊️🌿

The Gemini ☿ is curious, expressive, and loves to talk. They need a plant that can keep up with their energy! Here are my top three suggestions for plants that are an ideal match for the Gemini:

1. Hoya Carnosa Tricolor: This multicolor beauty is easy to care for yet still providing a dash of color with the new pink growth maturing to cream and green variegation across the foliage. Its pet-friendly and easy going.

hoya tricolor

2. Snake Plant Laurentii: This two tone drought tolerant plant is one of the toughest of them all being a perfect companion to the busy gemini.

plants for geminis

3. Philodendron Monstera deliciosa: Like many geminis the Monstera Deliciosa has many friends... you'll find her all of Instagram boasting their tropical fenestrations.

monstera deliciosa split leaf

Gemini's have things to do, they can't be at home always worrying about their plants and keeping them alive. That’s why we recommend choosing plants that are easy to grow, maintain and care for. Luckily there are plenty of those!

Since the sign of Gemini rules communication, it's no surprise that they have the ability to easily talk their way into anything they want. This means you can talk yourself out of spending extra time with your plants if they need extra love or attention.


The best plants for you will be those that can withstand your busy schedules and time away from home.

When choosing plants to brighten your home, you should consider how much time you'll have for care and attention. For those who are busy, the best plants for you will be those that can withstand your busy schedules and time away from home. They should also be able to survive in your home or office without a lot of fuss.

If you're looking for a plant that can thrive on neglect, the following options are great choices:

  • Snake Plants (Sansevieria trifasciata)

  • Philodendron (Philodendron domesticum)

Geminis like aesthetics... so plants should have a certain level of balance to it in terms of colors, textures, and shapes.

This means a plant placed on the desk of a gemini shouldn't be too symmetrical or boring. It should be unique and interesting!

Moreover, gemini, as a fire sign, they are known for being different from others. This holds true for your plant as well! There are so many different kinds of plants out there that you can choose one that’s unique and different than other plants.

For example, snake plants come in such a variety and never grow in the exact metrical length so these plants make perfect fits for the gemini twin personality.

These tips will help you find the right houseplant for the gemini.

Geminis should also look for plants with an element of balance in their color scheme, texture, and shape; this helps them feel comfortable when they're at home because they know there's no need to worry about the health of their plants while they're out doing other things. Look for a pop of color or drought tolerant easy care varieties to soothe their plant parent needs.  


It’s always a good idea to be conscious of the plants in your home, but it’s especially important for a Gemini. Why? Because Geminis are sensitive to their surroundings and can easily get overwhelmed by chaotic environments. Since plants tend to make people feel calmer, it only makes sense that you would want your space to be filled with them. They say that every flower has meaning behind it—and Geminis are known to have many sides! If you're looking for a new plant, consider one of these options:

1. Hoya carnosa (Hoyas)

2. Calathea lancifolia (Rattle Snake Plant)

3. Brassaia actinophylla (Schefflera Arboricola)

4. Sansevieria trifasciata laurentii (Snake Plant)

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