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2021 Plant Trends

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Our space tells everyone a little bit about ourselves, it gives us an ambiance that sets the tone for the day and the evening. We spend many hours in our home, so why not have a few trending items that pop! 
We are going to share with you the 2021 Plant Trends you may want to get in on to spruce up your plant space.


macrame home decor

If you have spent any amount of time on Instagram or Pinterest lately, you’ve probably noticed the macramé trend is back in full swing! This isn’t your old grandma’s Macrame… it has returned with a cleaner, more natural look. The brightly colored wall hangings have been replaced with sleek macramé planters, modern wall decor, and stylish jewelry.

Pink Plants

pink houseplants


                                                                                                                                      If you weren’t aware pink plants are kinda the thing?! We have always loved houseplants with the gorgeous green foliage to blend the outside in, but it’s also just as important to have a few plants that just provide a pop of color amongst all those green houseplants. 
One thing we love about pink plants is their ability to stand out and really catch the eye of your friends and family, there is also a pretty good variety to choose from. One of the most trending pink plants is the philodendron pink princess. The coveted plant has beautiful bright pink variegation amongst the dark leave, it’s a favorite of houseplant collectors! However, some of us are willing to spend $150 on houseplant in fear of killing it… so here are a few easy-care pink plants for you to check out that won’t break the bank.
Alternanthera Party Time Plant, Bromaline, Air plants, Cordylain, Aglonema, Caladiums.

Propagation Station Design

propagation station


Propagating your plants is a wonderful way to duplicate and gift plants or expand your collection without buying more plants. It’s also an amazing way to see the roots grow, and design your indoor space.
We used to just stick our cutting in a glass by the window and call it good, but today plant influencers have taken propagation to a whole other level by using cute propagation stations, wall hanging stations, and using creative design to bring plants in their homes.

Trailing Plants

trailing plants hanging plants


Who doesn’t love a gorgeous trailing plant that sits on a bookshelf and sweeps the sides beautifully. Some houseplants that create amazing trailing baskets are actually some of the easiest to care for, like the Philodendron Heartleaf or a splashy Pothos N Joy
Trailing plants give a wonderful vertical dimension to the home space and are always some of the most eye-catching plants in the home. A few other trailing favorites…
String of Pearls, String of Hearts,  rhipsalis

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